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Patosan: A Very famous village in Palanpur taluka of Banaskantha District and Chaudhary

Patosan: A Very famous village in Palanpur taluka of Banaskantha District and Chaudhary

Patosan is 15 km far away from Palanpur, headquarter of the Banaskantha district. It is a small village and has population of over 2500 people. It is situated on the bank of a small river (Hollo). It is a very advance village in Palanpur taluka as we find all the basic facilities in this village. Patosan is known for the donation of its generous sons particularly in Chaudhary community. The main casts living in this village are Chaudhary, Patel (Leuva), Thakore and Harijan. Moreover some Vaghri, Suthar, Luhar, Nayee, Panchal, Prajapati, Brahmin, Raval, etc are other casts living in this village. Historically Patosan is compared with Patan (Patosan to Patan na tole aave), is the reason why the village has ‘Patosan’ name. According to a myth, once there was a drought situation in old Patan, at that time the people of Patosan had donated so much that there was a queue of Ghee donated cart from Patosan to Patan.

Ø How to Reach Patosan?

Here is the Way to Patosan: AhmedabadàMehsanaàPalanpuràPatosan

From Palanpur one has to go at Gathaman Patiya on Palanpur-Mehsana Highway (Gathaman Patiya is 2 km far away from Palanpur.

Gathaman Patiya On Palanpur-Mehsana Highway
-Gathaman Village
-Sagrosana Village
-Gadalwada Village
-Takarwada Village
-Our destination: Patosan Village

The people of this village are generally occupied with the business of agriculture, animal husbandry and diamond. Many of them also have occupied government as well as private jobs in different sectors like banking, diamond industry, defense, education, engineering medical, etc.
They are lawyers, doctors, professors, teachers, engineers, police inspectors, policemen, army and BSF soldiers who are serving their motherland. Some people of this village also migrated to foreign countries.
- Lord Shiva temple
Suthar, Luhar
- Chaudhary,
Thakor, Panchal.
Patel, Darji, Nayee
-Schools, Girumabdir

Centre of Village
- Derasar,

Lord Ram’s Temple,
Gram Panchayat, Post-office

If we enter in the village, we find Primary and Secondary school. The Primary school in this village named Shrimati Hetiben Ratubhai Karshanbhai Kathrotiya which was built by Mr. Girishbhai Ratubhai Kathrotiya (Chaudhary) in honour of his loving mother. There is a high school in this village which was built in 1984 by Mr. Virsangbhai Ramsingbhai Katariya (Chaudhary) in honour of his mother. People of this village are very religious as there are some temples of different deities like Lord Shiva, Rama and Krishna, Ogadnath, Ramapir, etc. In spite of it, there is Gurumandir at where Jains also come regularly for pray. There is also a Derasr in the centre of the village. A post office, dairy, bank, animal hospital, etc are there in this village. It has also its own Gram-Panchayat. As a pious land, Patosan has given some generous donators who have donated a large amount of money for the development of their village as well as their communities. For instance, Mr.Girishbhai and Virsangbhai has donated over Rs.3 crore for the development of Education in Adarsh Sankul of Palanpur, established by Chaudhary Community of Banaskantha district. They have also donated for the renovation of temples, water tanks, religious building (Dharmshla and temple wall), etc for their village.

People of this village have established different organizations. They have ‘Navratri Mandal’, ‘Uvak Mandal’, etc. the chaudhary Community of this village follows all the rules that are cut due to social evils or orthodox traditions. For instance they do not spend money after social showbiz like ‘Varghoda’ ceremony, Band-Baja, Video shutting, Dandia rass, etc in marriage ceremony. Nowadays they are investing this money into education.

My recommendation for the people of Patosan village:

Need to establish an organization of alumnus students of High school
Need to establish a wealthy Library in Village
Need to establish any professional institute in Village
Need to establish an English medium school in village
Need to establish an organization for to help the education of poor children of village
Need to establish a hospital

However I know some things from above list are very hard to do I first attempt but these all are very important to make Patosan a very developed or an ideal village. I know we all are unable to pay our motherland’s debt but we can do something for her. So I request all the people of Patosan to contribute something for our dear motherland.

Great sons of Patosan:

Mr. Virsangbhahi R Katariya: Donator of Matushri J.R. Vidyalay (Patosan) and Shri V.R. Vidyalay (Palanpur).
Mr. Girishbhai R Kathrotiya: Donator of Matushri H.R.K.Primary school(Patosan) and Mahila Arts college, Matushri H.R.K. Primary School, Library, Boys Hostel in Adarsh Sankul(Palanpur)
Mr. K.V.Bhatol : Chief Engineer in SUDA
Dr.B.S.Chaudhary (Bagla): Dentist in Palanpur (Shradhhha Dental Clinic)
Mr.R.S.Patel (Bagla)(Police-sub Inspector)
Mr.K.G.Chaudhary (Kathrotiya)(Police-sub Inspector)
Mr.J.S.Atos (Principal Takarwada High school)

Written by : Lalji S Chaudhary M.A.,M.Phil (English), Mo: 9727576897